Staff Profiles

Darren is both a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist, having completed a degree in Physical Education in 1985 and having completed his Physiotherapy degree in 1997.
He has been professionally involved in exercise for the purposes of education, fitness, performance and rehabilitation, for over 28 years.
He is especially committed to client empowerment, seeking to engage his clients in their healing process and promoting self-management wherever possible.
Andrew completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree at Newcastle University. Andrew has a keen interest in looking after our sports teams and individual athletes of all ages and abilities.
He has a particular interest in assisting elite swimmers, crossfit participants and footballers of all codes.
Andrew can assist with a wide range of conditions and routinely gains word-of-mouth referrals and repeat referrals from happy GPs and specialists.
John is a physiotherapist with a keen interest in fitness and outdoor recreation.
John comes from a background of elite mountain biking and triathlon, and now has a strong focus on obstacle racing, winning events such as the Tough Bloke Challenge and earning sponsorship.
John regularly hosts seminars on specific sports for injury prevention and helping clients of any level achieve their best performance.
John has also set up a high-speed video lab for cycling analysis to optimise rider biomechanics and ensure bike setup is ideal.
James comes to us with a wealth of experience gained from working in a wide range of areas in the hospital system including the Emergency Department and Orthopaedics. He has a background in surf lifesaving as a boatie so he knows what it is like to train and perform at a high level of fitness. James is a friendly bloke who will quickly hone in on your problem and provide you with a solid plan and effective treatment.
Aaron completed his degree in Exercise Sports Science in 2014 and proceeded to complete his Masters in Physiotherapy in 2016. He also made the smart move to the Central Coast from Sydney and is rapidly getting to know the local area and its wonderful people! Aaron has a strong background in soccer and cricket and he enjoys a heavy weight workout. As we say: "our physios know fitness"!
Chris provides expert guidance for those seeking to address their medical conditions and their rehabilitation or return to work, through the powerful medium of exercise. His qualification as a Diabetes Educator also positions him to provide a broader service to people with diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2). Chris is a keen cricketer and soccer player and understands the value of teamwork in achieving goals - Chris will support you and encourage you if your efforts and will expertly assist you in creating a plan that you can actually do and stick to.
Kerrie Watsford is a Remedial Massage therapist with extensive experience working with Sports Teams and every day folks like you and me! She also has a special interest in providing remedial massage for people with Parkinsons Disease. Kerrie takes a highly professional approach to her work, consulting with our other practitioners to achieve optimal outcomes for her patients. Kerrie provides remedial massage treatments at our Mingara practice.
John was originally a full time graphic designer but followed his passion for health care into the area of Remedial Massage, with great results all round! John's skills as a manual therapist are beyond doubt - he can tap into a wide range of techniques and apply pressure at just the right level such that you can be assured of getting the right Remedial Massage experience for your purposes, be that for injury management, sports performance or general maintenance. John consults at our Mingara practice.
Alicia has experience working in Physiotherapy practices in Newcastle and the Central Coast, so she is well placed in 6S Health to integrate her manual therapy skills into our overall 'mix'. She can provide therapeutic treatments to address identified problems as well as providing massage for sports performance, general wellness and maintenance, as her rate of frequent re-booking demonstrates! Alicia consults at our Ettalong Beach practice.
Sarah has previously worked in clinics with Chiropractors and other Remedial Massage Therapist, so she comes to 6S health with experience and understanding about how to treat injuries as well as providing general relief from muscle tension and general promotion of good health through massage. Sarah always seeks patient feedback on their ideal pressure and she combines professional screening with excellent touch to provide an outstanding Remedial Massage experience. Sarah consults at our Ettalong Beach practice.
Georgia is our ever-sunny ever-pleasant reception star, whose love for animals has her also providing canine massage (not here at 6S Health but if your pooch needs a massage, Georgia can help out). Georgia is currently studying to be a vet assistant.
Kiely has a strong service background, whose ability to multi-task must stem from being a mum to three boys!
John McCorquodale has been practicing Chiropractic on the Central Coast for over 15 years. He is a popular practitioner who uses primarily the Diversified technique as well as some blocking and activator work. John massages most clients before performing adjustments.
John is a keen surfer and makes sure he gets out in the water almost every day of the year!
Judith is one of the Central Coast's best known dietitians. Judith is passionate about total wellbeing, including the experience of healthy eating ('mindful eating') and exercise. Judith is a published restaurant critic and she has a refreshingly realistic approach to diet.

Judith has many years' experience in clinical dietetics in public and private hospitals, food service, health promotion, public health nutrition and private practice. She offers nutrition advice for heart disease prevention, healthy lifestyle, diabetes, cancer, obesity, sports nutrition, family nutrition, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders. With her strong background in health education, workshops, development of education materials, policy development and supportive environments, Judith can present you with a unique individually tailored healthy eating plan that meets your overall nutritional needs and specific health requirements. This would take into consideration your food likes and dislikes, your social and family lifestyle and budgetary needs. Your healthy eating plan will be realistic and "do-able".
Peter is an experienced psychologist who has been registered since 1995. Prior to this he was a secondary school teacher and ambulance officer.
He has specialised skills in individual therapy regarding self-control and sexual health, as well as in creative group therapy.
He uses a range of approaches to mental health treatment, including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Location and Facilities:


Our clinic in Mingara is incorporated in the Mingara One Fitness and Aquatic’s Centre, offering superior exercise facilities and state-of-the-art training equipment. We provide a complete range of therapies, as well as dietetics, exercise physiology and psychology, for mental and physical wellbeing.


Mingara One Wellness
1 Mingara Drive
Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261


Our Ettalong clinic is where you need to go for post-operative rehabilitation, psychological counselling, treatment and management of a musculoskeletal disease or sports injury, nutritional advice and more. We have the latest treatment and exercise equipment to assist
you in achieving optimal physical and emotional health.


402 Ocean View Road
Ettalong Beach NSW 2257


Commonly Asked Questions

If you are unable to find an answer here for your question, please contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to help.

  1. Do I need a referral?

    No. You do not need to have a referral to see any of our therapists – they are all Primary Practitioners. However, if your doctor has you on a Care Plan claimable through Medicare, (on the Chronic Disease Management program), you will need a special referral form from your GP. If you are covered by DVA, your doctor must provide us with a D904 referral.

  2. Can I use my health fund card?

    Yes. We have a HICAPS terminal so we can swipe your card and get you a rebate on the spot!

  3. Do you take credit cards?

    Yes. We accept ALL credit cards, including American Express.

  4. Are you open early and late?

    Yes. We generally open at 7.30am and close at 7pm. *Occasionally we may open a little earlier and take an early mark every now and then, but we certainly cater to people who are not available in normal business hours.

  5. Do you open on weekends?

    Yes. We are open on Saturday mornings.

  6. Is there parking available nearby?

    Yes. At Mingara, the club has a large car park, and a pick-up/drop-off circle in front. At Ettalong there is parking at the front of the clinic, as well as around the side. Behind the clinic there is a large car park opposite the Mantra.