Acupuncture & TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes on regulating the integrity of the human body and its interrelationship with the individual’s genetics, history and natural environment. It is a holistic approach that is based on linking the individual’s body, mind and emotions. TCM includes gentle acupuncture, soft tissue releases and herbal medicine. It helps with a wide variety of physical conditions and stressed emotional states.

Aimee Vella is an experienced TCM practitioner who has been in professional practice for over 14 years. She is a kind and caring person who will listen and help guide you toward better health. Aimee previous ran an extremely busy practice in the Blue Mountains and she still has clients who travel from there to see her! Luckily Aimee is conveniently available to you at our Mingara practice, and she will be happy to look after you when you call.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & TCM

involves entering a relaxed state of focused awareness where you are always in control. Combining preparatory counselling and clear and simple explanations, Kathryn Hillery has achieved life-changing results in clients coming to her with a wide variety of problems.

Kathryn has been working with Central Coast residents for several years, providing gentle hypnotherapy to achieve lasting behaviour change. Kathryn gains immense satisfaction in helping her clients overcome destructive habits and self-limiting behaviour; she helps people deal with life stressors, fears, anxiety, depression and problems arising from counterproductive thoughts and emotions.

Dietetics & TCM

how we look and feel and function on the outside is highly dependent on what we put into our mouths!  Eating and Drinking comes second only to breathing as essential to human life, and sometimes we get it wrong – Western living, with all the rushing about, driving, working at computers, looking after family, working long hours or sometimes having too much time on our hands – resulting in changes to our bodies we could probably do without.  Good nutrition does not have to be something you miss out on – with guidance and support you can achieve a better diet.  You do NOT have to make drastic changes to the amount or even WHAT you eat, but making some small adjustments can result in significant and sometimes life-saving changes to your health.

Roslyn Yee of Activ-ate Wellbeing is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who provides essential dietary advice to everyone from diabetics to elite athletes.  Roslyn can help with weight loss, weight gain, food intolerances or allergies and a wide range of medical and metabolic conditions.  Roslyn takes the time to talk with her clients – she puts together ‘do-able’ plans and provides strong follow-up support (not just a quick remeasure and a pat on the head!)  Roslyn is a caring health professional who is passionate about both the internal and external health of her clients – she has a strong background in fitness and exercise but understands that some of us struggle with being active, and advises based your personal needs and your personal situation.