WELCOME TO THE 6S FITNESS BLOG! I have wanted to get his going for a long time!  The Central Coast needs to know it has physios dedicated to the healthy pursuit of fitness in its many forms, and those physios can be found at 6S [...]

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6S Physio Cycling

Welcome to the 6S Physio Cycling Blog! 4 years ago I collated decades of scientific research to formulate my biomechanical bike fit and cycling analysis program. I have done over 50 of these assessments on cyclists of all backgrounds and abilities, from young racers, to elderly cyclists [...]

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6S Physio Running

Welcome to the 6S Physio running blog, where I will regularly be posting entries delving into the latest science and research around running technique and training strategies. I have always had a keen interest in running, from the early days of racing cross-country at school, [...]

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