Do you enjoy fitness? Do you want to enjoy fitness?

Do you normally enjoy fitness but something is holding you back?

Maybe an injury or physical or functional deficit is preventing you being your best?

The Central Coast needs to know it has physios dedicated to the healthy pursuit of fitness in its many forms, and those physios can be found at 6S Health.  Having themselves participated at high levels of sport, and having treated elite athletes (and garden-variety athletes and weekend warriors) from a wide range of backgrounds – our physios and exercise physiologists have a breadth of experience that you can tap into here via our blogs, for FREE!

No matter if you are a marathon runner, power lifter, weekend cyclist, bodybuilder, bootcamper, or sportsperson seeking to lift their game – this blog is for you.  You can search for articles on your particular area of interest or you can get in touch with us and we’ll do our professional best to source or produce material for your area of interest in Fitness training.  We’ll give you links to some of the best fitness resources around the world or get our own stuff down in print or on video.  Subscribe and get this info in your inbox or on your feed – you’ll be amazed and pumped by what you receive!

It’s no mistake that we call ourselves 6S: Strength, Stability, Stamina, Suppleness, Speed, Skill.  We are clearly focused on exercise and fitness, whether it’s for general health, rehabilitation or enhanced performance.  So have a look around – seek out specific information on your fitness ‘thing’ or discover something new, and tell us if there’s something you want to know about and we’ll add it to our ever-growing list of resources!

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