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Clinical Pilates is renowned for improving core strength, posture, balance, flexibility, full body strengthening and endurance.


linical Pilates & Exercise Physiology sessions are an excellent mode of exercise that can be tailored to any pathology or client age. Whether you are rehabilitating from a musculoskeletal injury, neurologic condition, chronic pain or simply want to strengthen up your body and become the best version of yourself, we have something for you.

Here at 6S Physio, our Clinical Pilates and Exercise Physiology sessions are conducted by our experienced in-house Exercise Physiologists and Pilates Instructors. These sessions are focused on your rehabilitation and injury prevention and designed for your individual needs and goals based on assessments conducted during your initial consult.

You don’t need any experience – complete beginners have the most to gain!

Clinical Pilates sessions may be a combination of Reformer Pilates and Mat Foundational Pilates exercises that target areas of concern to promote strength gains and minimise risk of injury or degeneration.  Our Clinical Pilates reformers are designed for safe rehabilitation at a height that is easy to mount and dismount from for all ages.  We can set you up with exercises you can do at home, and we have a close relationship with local studio Belle Movement and Personal Training
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