Project Description

cycling physio

Specialist cycling physio is available at Mingara, Ettalong and Umina.


ore than just a bike-fit service: high speed video + the keen eye of a physiotherapist who is a keen cyclist = expert biomechanical analysis + refined bike set-up + deeper understanding + greater comfort + improved performance on your bike!

John Kelly is a keen road cyclist and mountain bike rider. He has cycled competitively and has completed an ironman triathlon. John initially devised his cycling biomechanics analysis service when he was at university. He has since developed and refined it, using high speed video and the latest research to deliver to you an accurate assessment of your current bike set up and recommendations on changes you can make. This will have you riding more comfortably and efficiently, which also translates to improved power and performance.

You may have spent a bit of money on your bike and you want to make the most it, so tweaking things may improve your enjoyment and reduce any niggles (or major pains) that you may be getting when you ride.  You might also be relying on cycling as your chosen form of exercise, maybe because your knees are not what they used to be – so it’s important that we help to keep you going!

When JK puts together

  • your injury history
  • your reported symptoms
  • the findings of a physical examination of your joint range of motion etc
  • then looks at how you are positioned on the bike – it will all come together.
An adjustment here… a change of angle there… and you should be reducing stress on irritable structures and/or improving how much force you can generate at lowest energy cost.
And once that is done, if your training load is sub-optimal or your recovery routine is lacking, JK can assist with this as well.  (Check out JK’s Blog entries here.)

Our Therapists

John Kelly
John Kelly
BAppSc (Physio), APAM