Project Description

Golf Physio

Specialist Golf physio is available at Mingara, Ettalong and Umina.


f you get pain when you play golf, or you keep making errors despite technique input, then your body might be hurting your game. Our TPI-certified Golf Physio can help you with both pain and performance.

  • Is your body hurting your swing?
  • Do you have pain when you play?

  • Are you limited by tightness or stiffness? Lacking power?

The TPI Screen identifies underlying biomechanical issues and barriers to efficient physical movement. Fixing your body could not only reduce your pain but also mean fixing your tendency to slice or hook, improving your power and your consistency on the course.

The TPI Screen is used by most PGA tour golfers and provides a way to identify why you are getting pain in the golf swing, having reduced flexibility or decreased power. The screen can also identify why you are getting certain shot shapes such as the hook or dreaded slice.

Did you know?

  • 12 of 16 last major golf championships were won by golfers advised by a TPI expert
  • 22 of the top 35 golfers are advised by a TPI expert
  • 58 of 87 PGA tour events were won by players who were advised by a TPI expert

The TPI Screen is 75min long and puts you through a variety of tests specific to the golf swing. Using high speed photography and experienced Physio-assessed measurements of core stability, movement skills, flexibility and strength, the TPI Screen compliments the valuable input of your golf Pro – and you can claim on your health fund if you are covered for Physio!

What do you get is a detailed specific Report on:

  • what areas of your body are causing pain

  • what’s limiting the length of your golf swing

  • what’s reducing your core stability

  • what’s reducing your power/distance in your golf swing

  • what’s causing certain shot shapes