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Specialist running physio is available at Mingara, Ettalong and Umina.


igh speed video and detailed physical assessment provides a platform for accurate biomechanical analysis and expert advice on technique, footwear and training methods.

Video of you running on a treadmill is shot from several angles, then slowed down or frozen to measure specific joint angles, points of impact, length of stride etc.

You get feedback throughout the assessment, recommendations for changes you may need in technique and a detailed report to take home.

Are you one these types of runners?

  • a regular Park Run participant?
  • someone who has a specific goal? – maybe your first 10k fun run, your first marathon or triathlon, or maybe just to start running
  • an experienced and committed runner who has suddenly had a set-back – an injury or just something that you can’t explain – and you need someone to get to the bottom of it
  • a garden-variety jogger who simply wants to get past this heel pain or knee pain, so you can get back to plodding happily around the block
  • one of those ‘special’ cases who has their eyes set on an ultra-marathon
It doesn’t matter what type of runner you are – John Kelly is our Running Physio (check out his Blog Articles here) and he will be more than happy to help you do and feel better.  Call and book him up now via our Contact links

Our Therapists

John Kelly
John Kelly
BAppSc (Physio), APAM