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To schedule your initial telehealth consultation you can book online or email the administration team: including your location and timezone if you are based internationally.


  • Back Pain Physiotherapy

  • Shoulder Physiotherapy

  • Neck Physiotherapy

  • Knee Physiotherapy

  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy

  • Headache Physiotherapy

  • Ankle Physiotherapy

  • Golf Physiotherapy

  • Neurological Physiotherapy

  • Running Physiotherapy

  • Sports Injury Physiotherapy

  • Hip Physiotherapy

  • General Physiotherapy

  • Pain Physiotherapy

Exercise Physiologist

  • Neurological Exercise Physiologist

  • Diabetes Exercise Physiologist

  • Women’s Health Exercise Physiologist

  • Injury Rehab Exercise Physiologist

  • Cancer Rehab Exercise Physiologist

  • Weight Loss Exercise Physiologist

Telehealth from the comfort of your own home


When you are not able to get to 6S PHYSIO in person, you can usually get a treatment session via Telehealth!

We provide on-line, “face-to-face” sessions that address a wide variety of conditions and we can deliver these sessions to you wherever you are.  If you are stuck at home because you can’t travel (like, I dunno, maybe there’s a nasty virus going around…), or because you’re travelling interstate or internationally (which we can all look forward to again before too long!), or because you know that nap-time for your baby is routine but doesn’t extend to making it to the physio clinic, or…you get the idea:

Telehealth is all about delivering high quality healthcare when and where it is convenient to you!

Our team of physiotherapists can conduct telehealth consultations for patients who live on the Central Coast NSW but are not able to attend one of our 6S PHYSIO clinics.  And we can also connect with you if you are in: New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, and Western Australia.  And if our time zones are kind enough, we can help you if you are in: New Zealand, United States of America, Switzerland, South Africa, Indonesia, England (UK), and most other places provided there’s internet!


Telehealth consultations can be conducted on any medium that provides video conferencing, including Skype, Zoom, Snapchat, Messenger and so on.

We can record exercises as we show you or we can send links to video demonstrations you can consult for reference; or we can prepare and email you simple printed instructions using a number of different apps.  We can deliver to you at no extra charge a rehab program that we can track and monitor from afar and can update as you progress in your recovery.


Actually, not many.  We can still interview you for a detailed history, we can still observe how you move, we can still ask you how you feel at rest and as you move.  By asking the right questions and guiding you through specific movements we can draw out a lot of information that can guide our advice.

Most people associate Physiotherapy with hands-on treatment.  Clearly, we can’t do that on-line (yet, anyway!).  But there are ways of using simple items or specific self-massage tools (like trigger point balls and foam rollers) which many households have, or you can get your hands on.  And sometimes we can guide family members to perform simple safe techniques.


At present Private Health Insurance has been slow to recognise Telehealth, however the times they are a-changing and we expect that they will come on board very soon.  In the meantime, we will deliver you great value for money.  You can be confident our team will deliver to you high quality assessments, information and guidance.

WorkCover will accept Telehealth on a case-by-case basis.  NDIS is still formulating their response.

Telehealth is a great alternative for those who may find it difficult to access high-quality physiotherapy services

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