6years ago, I collated decades of scientific research to formulate my biomechanical bike fit and cycling analysis program. I have done over 50 of these assessments on cyclists of all backgrounds and abilities, from young racers, to elderly cyclists looking to make it up hills without running out of steam. It’s all dandy having someone tell you how to set up a bike and how to ride, but unless the suggestions are based on genuine science and proper biomechanical analysis, you can never know how much performance or comfort you are missing out on.

I have decided to create this blog to outline and expand on some of the science and methodology of my bike assessments. The more you know, the faster you go!I have always had a keen interest in cycling, from riding to school as a young lad, all the way to racing mountain bikes and competing in triathlons. Cycling is truly a sport for all ages and abilities, and often forms a part of my physiotherapy rehab protocols for various injuries. So stay tuned to this blog, I’m very excited to make better and more informed cyclists of all of us!

The 6S Physio biomechanical bike fit and cycling analysis is available at the Mingara, Ettalong and Umina clinics. This is the Central Coast’s most thorough and informative cycling screening, evaluating 16 distinct components of bike setup and biomechanics. Great for cyclists of all levels, and all styles of bikes! Check out the promo video here.