I will regularly be posting entries delving into the latest science and research around running technique and training strategies.

I have always had a keen interest in running, from the early days of racing cross-country at school, to fun runs, trail running, marathons, and even triathlons. Nothing quite clears the mind like heading outside, putting one foot in front of the other, and eating up all the kilometres until the world’s problems fade into insignificance. Deep breaths sucking in the fresh air. Gentle pit-pat of steps on the footpath like a calming metronome. Running has so many physical and mental benefits, and I look forward to evaluating and promoting the science behind the sport.

You may have questions: What if I can’t run? What if I have an injury? Is running bad for your knees? How can I run faster, further? So glad you asked! There is such a great wealth of research about running, and I have even been lucky enough to be involved in PHD projects on the physiological effects on the body with running.

Through this blog I will be thoroughly examining the recent evidence, and should have great answers to some of those age-old questions about running. Furthermore, I have now released my Biomechanical Running Assessment program, which is available at the Mingara and Ettalong clinics. This is the Central Coast’s most thorough and informative running screening, evaluating 24 distinct components of running technique and biomechanics. Great for runners of all levels! Check out the promo video here. So stay tuned to this blog, I’m very excited to make better and more informed runners of all of us!