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who family


It’s likely you’re decision-maker and you want the best treatment for your partner, your kids or your parents. We treat all ages and can cater to their age-related problems.

Kids can have problems with their development and often parents worry if what they are observing is ‘normal’; kids have problems with the growth of their bones at the time when their sport participation can be increasing: Severs Disease, Osgoode-Schlatters Disease and ‘growing pains’ are all things we see a lot of and things we can help with via movement analysis, leading-edge technology, exercises and loading advice.

Work and play can expose adults to strains and sprains – we understand your time is precious and you can’t afford to be off your feet, so we look for fast solutions.

Middle age brings a bunch of problems that stem from changes in the rotator cuff, the side of the hip, the neck and lower back – we can help deliver relief and guide you through the not-so-difficult process of regenerating healthy tissues.

In later years, we help people retain or improve their balance and strength, so you can stay upright and active with strong bones and the ability to cope with sudden challenges that can bring the unprepared unstuck!

Golf Physio


We have built a whole business around the six “S’s”: Strength, Stability, Stamina, Suppleness, Speed and Skill.

If you are going to be an athlete, you need these aspects regardless of your sport, your age or the level at which you are competing.  If you have sustained a CrossFit injury, a running injury, a cycling injury, a netball injury, a football injury, a lawn bowls injury or a golf injury – we have a Physio with a special interest in your sport.

We understand how frustrating it can be to miss out on playing your sport or missing out on the social contact the sports brings – so our goal is to get you back on the court or back in the gym as quickly as possible.

At 6S PHYSIO “rest” is a 4-letter word – you can ALWAYS find something else to keep you fit and active while you recover, and we can guide you through this process.



The Central Coast does have a few retirees, doesn’t it?

We’ve met a lot of you and we understand how important it is for you to be looking after yourself and enjoying this stage of your life: you’ve worked hard and you can’t stand not being able to do what this injury is preventing you doing!

Physio for Frozen Shoulder?

Physio for Bursitis?

What about Physio for chronic lower back pain?

And we’re sure you’d like some advice on Physio for Osteoarthritis (Physio for OA).

We love working with motivated Retirees who have the time and desire to work at getting better so they can get back to enjoying their retirement.  And we have the technology (Shockwave, K-Laser, Blood Flow Restriction Training) to help you get there faster.

workers and builders


Being off work with a work injury is frustrating and sometimes confusing.

We can take away some of your headaches by making sure your doctor is given up-to-date information to assist in writing your Certificate Of Capacity, as well as keeping your workers compensation insurance company and Rehabilitation Consultant briefed on your progress.

6S PHYSIO is open from early until late (generally 7am til 7pm) as well as Saturday mornings, so we can fit in people who leave for work early or get home late, catering to commuters and tradies.

Our clinics are well equipped with comprehensive gym equipment and expert advice on work-related injuries and rehabilitation.

Get expert hands-on help and rehab guidance, with the additional benefit of accelerated healing through cutting edge technology.

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