Ready to run?

Have you ever wondered when am I ready to return to running post-baby?


Throughout pregnancy the body undergoes changes that may impact strength, neuromuscular control, endurance, and the ability to withstand the high-impact forces and repetitive nature of running. There are also important changes that occur to your pelvic floor and pressure system. Therefore, when we think about returning to running it is less about a magical timeframe and more about the biomechanical changes that can impact your stability and strength. This is the case for both vaginal and c-sections.


We need to take an individualised approach to rehabilitation as everyone’s body’s are different and everyone rehabilitates slightly differently.


Recommendations for a postpartum return-to-running programme include an individualised exercise prescription, gradual increases in physical activity, walk-run protocols and targeted muscle strengthening. The guidelines recommend a low impact exercise timeline is followed within the first 3 months of the postnatal period, followed by a return to running between 3- 6 months postnatally, at the earliest.

Rehabilitation needs to focus on coordination, strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles, abdominal rehabilitation and strength and general strength and stability of the general musculoskeletal system.


If you think you’re ready to run again, we can help get you there!