It’s the old adage, everything’s connected. 

When I breathe, there should be a ripple effect which results in movement at my fingers and toes; when I balance on one foot, I rely just as heavily on the sensory input from teeth contact as I do from the sensory input from my foot. There are infinite examples of how interconnected the body is and we are discovering more and more relationships each day. Whilst it is easy to get overwhelmed with the complexity of it all, we can also view this as an opportunity that if something isn’t working there are many other options we can explore.

In the links below, we throw out some peculiar examples to prompt thought, promote curiosity and highlight that there may be other factors that we can consider in an injury, particularly if the tried and traditional isn’t giving us the outcome we’re after.

Disclaimer – These are by no means a suggestion that these are the sole contributor to conditions mentioned, see our team of Physiotherapists for a comprehensive diagnosis.


Shoulder hurting when you throw? Have you looked at your big toe?

Back pain while golfing? Is it all in the wrists?

Is your pelvic floor causing you knee pain?